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Nevada Smith:
I am using TTimeEdit in the implementation of a  countdown timer. TTimeEdit shows time in the hh:mm:ss AM format. How can I change it to 24 hour format, without AM/PM? Please advise.
(LCL documentation and the internet does not seem to have anything in this regard. There are a few related to Delphi, but those options does not seem to work with LCL)

It's weird. On my computer, it is always in 24 hour format, event if I change the settings of the computer to a 12 hour format. I can't find any published properties that allow programmatic setting of the format, too.

The timedit takes its format from formatsettings.


--- Quote from: Thaddy on March 25, 2017, 12:29:00 pm ---The timedit takes its format from formatsettings.

--- End quote ---

OK, but shouldn't the formatsettings be automatically updated on program launch?

Yes, but you can clone formatsettings for your app and adapt it.
But probably TTimedit needs a formatsettings field/property


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