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Windows CE compact embedded 7 - HELP!!!!

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Try to copy this fake aygshell.dll to Windows dir on your WinCE:

Read also:

List of supported devices and some more very important info about GAPI (if used at all, which I doubt):

You can check if some other dll is needed with this tool:

I have tried all of your suggestions. does not work.
thank you so much for helping me, if you have other ideas I do other tests.

Make sure you have the following Project Options set:
Compiler Options -> Target OS -> WinCE
Compiler Options -> Target CPU family -> arm
Compiler Options -> Additions and Overrides -> Set "LCLWidgetType" -> Value "wince"
Then compile, if the exe is too large go back into Project Options, Create a Release build mode and select that.

As for running on the device, I found I needed to switch the following form properties:
Position = poScreenCenter
Visible = true
KeyPreview = true (if you plan on accepting key presses)

If you still can't get it to work, try copying and pasting the code and I'll take a look.

Any luck with this? Tried all the hints and suggestions shown but no luck.

I am using Lazarus 1.6 and lazarus-1.6.4-fpc-3.0.2-cross-arm-wince-win32. (on Windows 7 64 bit)

Tying to run a simple app on a Motorola MC3200 PDT with Windows CE7 using and ARM OMAP4 (Cortex A9) processor.
Getting EAccessViolation $00012708.

Previously running the same app on a Motorola MC3100 with Windows CE 6. No Problem.

Already spent a couple of days on this but no joy.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there!
I have some problem with lazarus and WinCE7... When I'm trying tu put exe at device I have error
"An unhandled exception occurred at $000126EC..." . App is just created project with changes like wince at LCLwidgetType and compiler ppcrossarm.exe
What else can I do to make it work? App work normaly on Wince 6 emulator :(

Testing Device: sumbol -MC92ND (Motorola)


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