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Bug in IDE Lazarus under fluxbox


I wanted to make sure of this "reoccuring glitch" before submitting it as a real bug..

In the Object Inspector window you have a property editor. some of the properties have a pulldown (or  dropdown) controll to set the property. The problem is that i am seeing balck text on a black background. (The color icons on the left hand side is visiible). The active item is white though., so you can work around this "glitch".

I will have a look through the code to find it myself but wanted to know if anyone else is having the same problem.

OS: Freebsd 5.1 (was experiencing it under 5.0 as well)
Window Manager: Fluxbox 0.9 (I don't belive that it is a wm problem as other pulldown boxes are ok.. including those that have been compiled by oneself.



i have the same proplem, running Slackware 9.0 and waimea, which is a fork of blackbox also.


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