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FPC 3.0.2 released!

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Thank you FPC team for your hard work!

Hi FPC team,
since I updated Lazarus from 1.6.0 ( FPC 3.0.0 ) in Win 32  to 1.6.4 and of course FPC 3.0.2, my program ( Firebird based DB application ) compiles but does not work anymore. With 1.6.0 and FPC 3.0.0 everything is fine.
I found that even with  a simple SQL code like 'select max(orderno) from DBx' works with 3.0.0 but not with 3.0.2. An error occurs 'field xyz not found'.
Additionally some of the stored procedures in Firebird cause an error .  There must be one or more bugs in the '???' unit? 
Did anybody faced the same errors or am I  doing something wrong?


I am guessing this issue (see link above) will be properly resolved when unstable debian becomes stable. It seems that official (from Lazarus) FPC 3.0.2 was compiled using unstable debian source. If you are someone from the official release team, please, could you confirm if this is the case? Also, can you imagine some alternative solution in order to avoid such problems for future releases? Newbies like me will appreciate. Thanks.

PS.: The fix is just a workaround. As noted by Marco van de Voort, there is no official release of FPC *.deb files. In other words, the Lazarus Team (not FPC Team) is redistributing a buggy .deb FPC file. 

Thank you FPC team for all work!


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