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--- Quote from: jc99 on July 01, 2017, 07:40:43 am ---If we want to use the other components (and not having to rename everything) i'd vote for "toro" or "baremetal" as a TargetOS in the Compiler-Target options.
So that there is no name-conflict when using the components. 

BTW: int 10h is not working does anyone know how to circumvent this ? Or how to set the font8x8 mode ?

--- End quote ---

None of the ints that you use in DOS will work in Toro. Don't forget that the application is running in long mode. So if you want to access to graphical mode you should write a complete driver for that. 


All documentation i could find Say: set this set that and then int 10h ... Do you know a better solution ? Have you any documentation on VGA or video ?

Hi everyone, I just wrote down the procedure to get a Toro guest running on the Scaleway cloud (also applicable to a different cloud). Here you have the link to the blog. I also provide a Toro image that you can download and try so it is not needed to compile anything. If procedure goes well you will have a Toro guest running that you can connect by VNC to port 5901 of the host and also answers http connections to the port 80 of the host.


Hello everyone,

I just created a docker image to ease the compilation of Toro kernel in Linux. I posted the procedure here if someone wants to try.

Regards, Matias. 


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