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Hi folks!
i mentioned that in the past few months ne toro kernel is again in development. the creator of toro (Matias E. Vara)  is doing a great job to update the kernel !!!
the tcp stack is updated and working ...
i have the "briliant" idea to create a fpc cloud infrastruture for web apps based on toro/fpc.
the main concepts are:
1/ monoblock app running in vm based on toro ( the base idea of toro)
2/ simple single user non concurent but async flie system ( todo - help needed on that)
3/ communication with intranet DB (mysql, postgres etc) and cache servers (redis, memcache  ...) .. native (no dll or .so ) clients implementations of the protocols is to be done - help needed... or maybe a thin tcp/http warpper based on json for communication with the servers?
4/ serving web requests on the extranet with a very fast (bare metal) http server
5/ running apps in vm deployed by platform like openskack
6/ no code injection possible due to the monoblock concept of toro - app is compiled and part of the kernel - one vm is runing a single kernel with the app embeded
7/ no interpreded languages - no risk :)
8/ minimal overhead no additional drivers except for ethernet and disk

waiting for your comments and suggestions!


Hi everyone, I have just moved the toro repo to github: I am also trying to organize the TODO work by using project and issue sections. Fell free to go through!

Regards, Matias.

Hi everyone, I would like to share my last work related with Toro. Toro is now able to run as KVM guest. This is still experimental but I think work is going well. To show this, I deployed ToroHello example in a VM which anyone can see by connecting a VNC client to This is still a very simple example however it shows how easily a freepascal application can be deployed in the cloud. This application is quite fast since there is no OS, only TORO.   

Regards, Matias.

great new matias!!! on my side im advancing on the rest api backend ... soon we can test to compile the server under toro.. do you have an idea im is possible to deploy toro as a digital ocean droplet... cannot find any info about the vm they use... kvm docker or other... anyway toro is great ;)

I would integrate PascalScript, then the user can create own applications.
I am using pascalscript in my applications it is very usefull. You don't need LCL for PascalScript.
I use it on Android too.


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