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Recommended socket library?

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I've tried to find a socket library, and keep running into issues.

The Wiki mentioned socket_laz, which failed to install and someone mentioned was outdated, the same person recommended fpsock, which doesn't work on OSX..

Can someone please recommend a decent socket library that works on OSX?

I marked socket_laz as deprecated in the wiki and a candidate for removal since you last asked  because it does not work with recent versions of Lazarus any more and has been unmaintained for 12 years. Don't use it. Don't try to use it.
FPC comes with e.g. fpsock unit in the fcl-net package and fcl-web for higher level interfaces.
I don't know if there are Laz components for them, though.
You use fcl-web and fpc-net as classes.  Both the fcl-net and fcl-web packages come with extensive examples as default.
If you installed fpc 3 you already have these packages and these are the recommended ones.

Third party components are in Indy. See
Third part classes are in synapse. Synapse is very stable and doesn't need much updates. It is maintained..

So what you're saying is that it's all there, I just have no idea how to find it.

I'm going to sound pissy, but shouldn't that be something the Wiki reflects?

The sockets page for example, I saw that you updated it, not with updated info but with a Deprecated notice.  That doesn't help anyone looking for how to use sockets, it just says Here's a page with info you can't use.

I love FPC, I've used it to build and release software as well as personal projects, but I keep running into this exact issue.

Things don't work, tons of outdated info, Wiki recommends things that don't even compile, it's horribly frustrating when I just want to code and get things done, it kills productivity.

I'm not blaming anyone, I know it's a volunteer project, I just wish I knew how to help make the overall state of things better.

I wish I could make updates and write Wiki pages, but the reality is that I'm not skilled enough at Pascal to be able to write accurate information beyond basic stuff.

Aside from ranting and feeling overall defeated every time I go to make something complex, fcl-web and fpc-net are the recommended ways of handling networking/web work?  Thank you, I'll go see what info/examples/tutorials I can find on those.

I appreciate your help, I truly honestly do, I want to make sure you know I'm not complaining about you or anyone else on this forum.

In your FPC directory, not Lazarus,  there is a subdirectory called packages/fcl-net and a subdirectory called packages/fcl-web.
Examine these. Both have also an examples subdirectory.... see the wiki:  and
<grumpy mode on  >:D >

Thanks Thaddy, I appreciate it.

As for the wiki..  :P

fcl-net just points to the examples folder and links to an external blog.
The examples in the blog uses fpsock, which doesn't work on OSX.

The fcl-web page looks a lot more complete, hopefully nothing in there is deprecated, this will come in handy for my next project.


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