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VirtualU vastly improved
« on: January 15, 2017, 07:07:41 am »
I'm continuing to improve the movie-making program VirtualU which I had announced here before and the newest and best version (as of 1/14/17) is available for download as shown below.

This version is so much better than the others. Project build times are more than three times faster and instead of displaying a mere wait message, each major build process now has its own progressbar. Now you don't have to go back and forth between various pages or press multiple buttons in sequence in order to do builds.

    No memory leaks or known bugs
    More user-friendly-handles 'bad' files
    New features and options
    Progressbars for major operations
    Program is more reliable & efficient
    Builds are much faster
    Updated tutorial & readme.rtf file

If you've already run VirtualU and you weren't impressed, you might take another look. Only recently while fine tuning this program did I see some important things and make changes that really make a difference. I've really been working hard on this.

Some of you are correct that VirtualU looks rather retro, deco and plain but it gets the job done and I don't have the time to make it more it 'slick' looking right now. I'm concentrating on making sure that the program works as efficiently and fast as possible even with complex projects. It's like a used car that has a fine motor. That motor is Lazarus et al.

No big changes can be seen on the program's outside appearance but big changes and improvements do exist in the inside.
                                                                                         Downloads download link:  (VirtualU) download link:
    readme.rtf download link:
    TV shows: Search Youtube for Fingal McGinnis

This has been a real, long learning curve for me and again I'm sorry if anyone got a version that was cumbersome, slow and/or problematic. I've made many recent changes. This version is closer to what it is supposed to be.

I've found some errors in the program while making my Youtube 'TV' show and by just generally using VirtualU in addition to many, many test runs. By the way, I just made a new episode to that TV show called World Of The Future and it is available for viewing now. The newest episode (in two parts) contains some panning screen shots of several VirtualU pages.

I'm surprised at how excited I am about it and Lazarus. It never would have been possible without Lazarus.
The current improvements in VirtualU are VAST. It can be a useful tool.

Again, it can make transparent AVIs, import and use transparencies, create and use overlays, makes top quality yet small file size MPGs, uses a combination of different programs thus giving them exposure, compatible with any Windows system on low or high end machines, workaround solutions to every problem, multiple options at every step, large range of formats, reasonably fast, memory or disk processing, etc.

It's fun to use and folks of different ages will find it useful. VirtualU has even been known to make transparent MPGs!


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