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FPC 3.1.1 and iOS 9.2 headers translation



My system: 10.10.5, XCode 7.2.1
I've followed to this instruction
down to the headers generation. Unfortunately the link to headers patcher didn't work, so, I've tried to fix it all manually, using existing translated headers for iOS 8.0, available at GitHub. About a half of work is done. Partially fixed headers are here:
I have no time to continue it right now, so it would be nice, if anyone might wish to continue this work.
The algorithm is pretty simple:
unzip the archive to /Developer/fpc/
cd to /Developer/fpc/parser/iPhoneAll_9.2
run sh ./_build.command
see the errors and fix them one by one using the correctly translated iOS 8.0 headers in /Developer/fpc/parser/iPhoneAll

Hope some volunteers will be found  :D



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