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Issues with SDL and linking to the framework (OSX)


Hi all -

I've written this little BASIC interpreter with its own editor built-in and I'd like to port it to OSX. I've ported to Linux (x86 and ARM) from the Windows delphi original, and now am building for my MacbookPro (El-Cap, not Sierra as debugging is currently broken in Sierra!).

My interpreter uses SDL and SDL_Image, with BASS for sound.

Now, as you're all aware, there are two ways to get SDL 1.2 for OSX - as a framework and as unix-style libraries. I've got both installed as I couldn't build without the unix-style, and I'd like to put the two frameworks inside the app bundle, but have run into some real problems.

I can link (according to otool -L) to the SDL_Image framework, but the linker refuses to link to the SDL framework and instead links to the library in /opt/local/lib which also creates a dependency to libX11.6.dylib... and so on.

This is the command line I'm using to build (can't build for 64 bit cocoa from Lazarus due to huge UI issues):

yes, it's CodeTyphon as I didn't want to spend 8 hours getting FPC and Lazarus installed, sorry about that.

/usr/local/codetyphon/fpc/fpc64/bin/x86_64-darwin/fpc -MDelphi -Sghi -CX -O4  -OoUNCERTAIN -OoREGVAR -Xs -uDarwin -dMacOS -k-framework -kCocoa -k-framework -kOpenGL -k-framework -kSDL_image -k/usr/local/lib/libbass.dylib  -k-framework -kCocoa -l -vewnhibq -Fu/usr/local/codetyphon/typhon/lcl/units/x86_64-darwin/cocoa -Fu/usr/local/codetyphon/typhon/lcl/units/x86_64-darwin -Fu/usr/local/codetyphon/typhon/components/BaseUtils/lib/x86_64-darwin -Fu/usr/local/codetyphon/typhon/packager/units/x86_64-darwin -Fu/Users/zxdunny/projects/specbas/ -dLCL -dLCLcocoa SpecBAS.pas

I can use install_name_tool from xcode to change where libbass is searched for, and the above as I said creates a dependency on SDL_Image.framework, which I can also change the search path for with install_name_tool. But inserting -k-framework -kSDL results in FPC complaining that it can't find the SDL framework, which has been installed properly into /library/frameworks/ along with SDL_Image. I'd ideally like to link to @rpath so I can include the two frameworks inside the app bundle for a self-contained installation.

Anyone know why it fails so hard?

Just 2 ideas:

1) On OS X you may use the $linklib directive for a successful build with dylibs, but it you want a framework you need $linkframework.

2) You may have to increase verbosity of fpc and/or linker, so you can see the search sequences of directories. For fpc -vt has been useful for me in some cases. -va gives so much, that you better redirect the output to a file, which you can search with an editor. I do not know the options for the linker. "man ld" should tell.



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