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How work with the components and palette from IDE?


Vincent Snijders:
From :

--- Quote ---To use the Palette, there must be an open form on view in the editor (if there isn't one, select File -> New Form). Click on the icon in the appropriate tab of the Palette for the component you want to use, then click on the Form, near where you want the component to appear. When the desired component appears, you can select it by clicking with the mouse, then move it to the exact place on the Form where you want it and adjust its size. Adjustments can be made to the appearance either by altering the picture itself on the Form using the mouse, or by changing the relevant Property in the  Object Editor for that component.
--- End quote ---

If this doesn't help you, please be more specific in your question.


If this doesn't help you, please be more specific in your question.


I can not install my component in palette. All give as in help, but component are not installed.

You seem to be trying to install new components in the palette. Try looking at the WiKi:

This might point you in the right direction: you can put your custom-designed components into a package. Note that the IDE needs to be re-compiled when you add packages or components.

What components did you install ?
The UIB components have too large icons and are not shown, maybe you have something similar.


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