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fpGUI turns 10 years old!

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Hi Everybody,

According to the Git log, fpGUI Toolkit [since I revived it] is 10 years
old this month!!! Wow, has it been that long already. My baby is all
grown up now.

I actually started around June 2006 with fpGUI, and worked in a private
SubVersion repository for 5 months, before I moved it to a more public
SubVersion repository on SourceForge. Unfortunately those initial 5
months history got dropped (back then I didn't know how to move
SubVersion repositories).

Looking back, fpGUI has grown so much, and I have received so many
fantastic contributions from so many developers! fpGUI has also served
me very well, and I personally created loads of personal and commercial
applications with fpGUI.

So, thank you to everybody that tried fpGUI, gave feedback or
contributed something (big or small). Without your help and feedback,
fpGUI wouldn't be what it is today. Lets hope the next 10 years are just
as much fun as the first 10 was.

  If you want a more detailed account of fpGUI's history, you can take
  a look at the English Wikipedia page:

  - Graeme -

fpGUI Toolkit - a cross-platform GUI toolkit using Free Pascal

Congratulations! I used fpGUI to create a dark theme together with bgrabitmap: "Kaaj Controls". And works very well.

Hello Graeme,

two questions :

* is it possible to install fpGUI on mac OS ?
* does it have a transparent property of the form's background while leaving the objects it contains visible (Windows ! Linux and mac OS X) ?Thanks. Regards. Gilles

Congratulations! I was testing fpGUI and it is really nice. I just need to learn more about the uidesigner integration.

Congrats Graeme,

Sorry to say I don't use it anymore - my focus is elsewhere, if any.. -, but it is a great effort from which you also could report and sometimes fix issues in FPC or contribute to improvements.
The latter often goes unnoticed...

Many thanks indeed!



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