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Free Vision: How do I get it?

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Hi, it might be a silly question but, how do I get Free Vision?

I couldn't find the binary within the FPC's bin folder ....

Any help would be appreciated.

I guess you are thinking about fp?

The units are in the fpc source folder packages/fv/src. There is also a test application in packages/fv/examples.

Note: the test app only compiled after I commented "{$I}" which is not found. And at runtime the mouse does not work. (Windows 10, Laz 1.6/fpc 3.0)

To make the mouse work, turn off the "quickedit" property in the cmd.exe box. This turns off the copy-and-paste support and gives mouse events to the application.

Thank you, marco.

Any idea about the missing file? I tested several old versions that I still have on my system. Only in the oldest one, Laz 1.0/fpc 2.6.0 I do find a in the fv/src file?


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