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Eugene Loza:
This is an thoroughly-commented example of a very simple 2D game featuring:

* graphics with spritesheets,
* text output,
* keyboard/mouse input,
* read&write text files,
* sound & music,
* timer,
* Log,
* random

basically everything you might need to start making a simple 2D game in Castle Game Engine.


--- Code: ---  Rabbit := TRabbit.create(Application);

--- End code ---

Great idea to let the snake eat rabbits.
Is this portable to real-life?


Good game!

@Eugene Loza

You're good in writing games. Have you consider to write tutorials in the wiki page? It will be very useful for others. I can't find game tutorials in Lazarus tutorial page.

Eugene Loza:

--- Quote from: Bart on November 07, 2016, 12:52:17 pm ---Great idea to let the snake eat rabbits.
Is this portable to real-life?
--- End quote ---
I wanted to add sound on gameover (when the snake bites itself): "That's a well-deserved punishment for eating innoncent rabbits!" But eventually I've considered it too long :)
@lainz, thanks :)
@Handoko, Just today I saw some tutorials for writing freepascal games in youtube :)
Basically, yes. I wanted to make some sort of "introduction/tutorial" to writing games in FreePascal/Lazarus and Castle Game Engine, starting from the very basics like "Hello World" and ending with some complex 3D scenes and logics :) But not much progress yet...
As for me, programming is mostly about games. I'm not a professional game designer, but I strongly believe it's a cool hobby to have :)

P.S. I've updated the code a little. And I will also make the game portable to Android in the nearest time.


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