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Please test:

working, good job =)

There is a file for fpcupdeluxe, it has a buildscripts folder.

Do I understand correctly that these are scripts, by running which I can get the same file structure in my destination folder?

There are 3 buildscripts. One for the binutils, one for gcc and one for the static libs needed by the mORMot[2].
These scripts are provided due to the fact that they are needed by myself. And as a starting point for others in case they want to build the tools themselves (updated binutils or gcc or sqlite3).
So, normally, you do not need them. And no file structure is needed nor implemented.

I need crossbin and crosslib on glibc 2.19
How can I get from debian jessie (virtualbox) and copy them to my real system?
As I understand it, the usual copy-paste will not work?
Maybe there is a script?


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