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I installed laztoapk from scratch following the instructions on the pdf.
Lazarus works fine and creates the .so  of the examples\androidlcltest.
But When I first start Laztoapk it gets  stuck. See attached error.gif.
Moreover, the "Trace" output seems to have found ALL the platforms, and yet  A) at the top of the screen it says ""No NDK olatform found"
and then it remains forever at the "Setup application. This may take a while. Please wait...
Initialize. Please wait..." (Trace_output.txt attached)
I have defined an AVD (see avd.jpg) but I can not run the emulator (in Lazarus I can compile but not Execute)
What should I do? Which NDK platform is looking for that is not in the 9-21 found?


could you please try the new version

I have added some more traces.

I also recommend you to study the It might help you to find out what's wrong with your setup.


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