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Ouch! Did not know of Laztoapk!!


I have already installed Laz4android (and andrid SDK & NDK) and it appears it works b/c it created the .so file.
Now, searching for ways to convert to APK I encountered laztoapk, which seems to be a fabulous tool.
Is it possible to install it for an existing setup of Laz4adroid+android SDk and NDK? If yes, any hint?
If not, I guess it means I will have to unistall Laz4android and move the
ndk and SDK to the directories that lazapk uses, right?

You can.

Actually laztoapk is a tool to automate the download of laz4android, Android SDK & NDK, configure and build laz4android, and the generation of apk. When running the laztoapk, you can skip certain steps, and manually configure the paths to the location of laz4android, SDK and NDK.

I ever do it, so I'm sure you can do it too.


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