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Add FPC version info to About screen


Feature request:  Add FPC version information to Lazarus About screen.  About screen already contains Lazarus version info.

Vincent Snijders:
What information do you want to add and why?

The current cvs version has already the build date in the about box. That gives enough information about which lazarus version is used.

When I'm making a bug report or discussing some code I want to easily be able to tell what version of FPC is installed.  It would be easy to add this to the Lazarus about screen.

Vincent Snijders:
The fpc version(s) installed, the fpc version lazarus is compiled with and the fpc version lazarus compiles with might not be the same thing.

IMHO it would be confusing to add the fpc version lazarus is compiled with to the about box and therefore suggest lazarus is compiling with this fpc version.

If you want to discuss this broader, send a mail to the mailing list.


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