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Arduino DUE and Free Pascal.

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Thaddy thanks. That is mostly unrelated to this, but since I also ordered a Arduino Mega, that might be relevant still. I thought the AVR port didn't support the lesser atmels as on Arduino.

Laksen: thanks. So that leaves me binutils and how to work with the bootloader (since I have no programmer). 

Binutils can be probably taken from arduino IDE, and that also contains linker files that can tell me more about bootloader. A lot to study :)

how about Ultibo project?


--- Quote from: skalogryz on September 30, 2016, 10:43:20 pm ---how about Ultibo project?

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I'm not entirely sure why that would be useful.  Seems to be geared towards heavier systems. I don't really need a kernel-application abstraction.

Note that the (wiznet) w5500 is a socket chip, not an ethernet chip. It is typically used to give slow systems some network with low overhead.

Maybe I can look at it to find out about e.g. DMA, but even then I think it is wiser to look at C examples for the exact same chip series or CMSIS

DMA controllers are very vendor specific. Won't make sense to look at anything but the datasheet. Or ASF if you dare, but it's the worst C codebase in existance :(


--- Quote from: marcov on September 30, 2016, 12:21:47 pm ---I need some form of time keeping
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You could either implement an NTP client, or use some battery backed I2C RTC chip like MCP7940. The choice depends on your needs.


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