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ш рhave error like access violation an same digit codes
i try to make it with sudo and without

Ok, i am now officially in a confused state of mind.  :D

You get access violations attempting to create the 3.1.1 cross-compiler for m68k !?

(i just checked, my latest attempt was made on sept 3th this year, as i needed some new feature for AROS. I added OS4 support in my scripts as well).

My cross-compiler is created using:

- %BINUTILS_PATH% is the path with existing binutils
- %FPC_START% is pointing to the compiler that needs to create the cross-compiler (you can omit that if you have correct compiler already installed)

It creates a zip file which includes the file "ppcros68k.exe" which i then need to place in my fpc/bin directory of the 3.1.1. compiler. Additionally the zip file also includes all cross-compiled units which can be copied manually. Of course you can also decide to use crossinstall in the make options (instead of crosszipinstall)

- Yes you need 3.1.1 to compile Lazarus for Amiga Systems.
- lazarus-morphos is the right brnach for Amiga 68k
- if the freepascal crosscompiler creation fails with a access violation: I guess you use a 64bit system. there seems to be a bug in the optimizer for 64 bit systems which creates this problem, so disable the Optimizer
create the crosscompiler:

make crosszipinstall CPU_TARGET=m68k OS_TARGET=amiga OPT="-O-"

Thank you very much!!!! Now i reinstalling new mac os and i will try to compile it in few days!

I have error project1.lpr(22,0) Error: resource compiler "m68k-amiga-fpcres" not found, switching to external mode, how i can fix that?


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