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Status of COCOA version of Lazarus


Hi! I have seen Lazarus latest code from SVN compiles successfully with COCOA interface. However there are some irks and issues that are still there.

Excellent job on starting Cocoa updates. Just wondering if we should expect a stable cocoa version with Lazarus 1.7 ? and also any idea when 1.7 version will go beta ?

Hello, we cannot provide a time frame, but if you have issues with Cocoa, please open bug reports with minimal test cases demonstrating the problem. My apps work fine in Cocoa, if people don't report bugs with minimal test cases, it's makes it much harder to find and fix the remaining problems.

Note that you don't really need a Cocoa IDE to use Cocoa. You can use the Carbon IDE and compile your application for Cocoa. But bugs about the IDE are also welcome, although they are often very hard to fix without a minimal test case which shows the root of the problem.

Summing up: You can help speed up the time frame of Cocoa by reporting bugs with minimal test cases ;)


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