Author Topic: Getting list of pointing devices and their status  (Read 1485 times)


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Getting list of pointing devices and their status
« on: September 07, 2016, 06:51:08 pm »
I want to get a list of pointing devices (mice etc) and display their state, plus eventually enable and disable them.

To this end I have found this page and the example "Enabling and disabling devices" half way down.

I've added the GUID for pointing devices from this page: and I'm happily getting the list of devices.

The controlwindevice code in the wiki has enable and disable functions which will be useful later in my project, but for now I just want to inspect whether or not the devices are enabled...

It's been a long day (an excuse, I know) but I can;t seem to see any reference to current state in that wiki code, and can't see anything that even looks particularly relevant.

Am I missing something?