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I have returned after a few years' absence with more or less the same problems >>>

A) I almost completely have given up on comboboxes and have now used listboxes instead with success (comboboxes worked/works very well in Windows);

B) I notice that the Columns property in ListBox still doesn't work (as it does in Windows). Only one column appears even though I want and ask for five (5).

I have two problems to consider in this letter : Bordericons and Scrollcode.

The Scrollcode behaviour is relatively minor : the IDE gives the hint 'Parameter "ScrollCode" not used' in the procedure ScrollBar1Scroll() but when I remove it (ScrollCode : TScrollCode) the vertical scrollbar freezes. WHY IS THIS SO?? In practice I ignore the Hint.

Under Project/Project Options/Compiler Options/Config and Target, I get (under Target platform) 'Current LCL widgetset : "gtk2"'. In purple lettering I am prompted to select 'Select another LCL widgetset (macro LCLWidgetType)'. This takes me to 'Additions and Overrides' and three menu options >> a) Set "LCLWidgetType", b) Add (a dropdown list), c) Use system encoding.

This all seems perhaps[?] to be implying that I can do something to remove the unwanted bordericons. I have bordericons[ ] set but they appear anyway in the compiled program (as usual Windows does as I want it to).

Can I in fact do something to get BorderIcons to behave? Any help will be appreciated  :(.

Another point >> the captions at the top of the forms are followed by '<2>' for some reason. WHY?

Regards, Mike Finch

First: You are mixing up TListBox with TListView. The latter has columns, the former has not - except for a glyph.
Second: What are your problems with the combobox?
Third: If you change the widget set, choose a widget set that is actually supported for the platform.
Fourth: If you do not want any border icons set the form type to Dialog.
Fifth: Do you have a current version of FPC (3.0.0 or higher) and Lazarus (1.6 or higher)?

In Linux there are different window managers which take care of form decorations (like border icons). Some window managers just do not allow forms without border icons and I don't think that Lazarus can do anything to workaround this.

When you installed your Linux distro, you got some window manager installed as default. You can change the window manager, but the problem is that you cannot control which window manager is installed on your user's computer, so you can test your application and it will work as you want, but then on your user's desktop, the unwanted border icons might appear. I don' t think that you can do much about it.

Lazarus is trying to do its best to make the form behave as you want, it tells to window manager to remove icons, but some window managers just ignore this request, as they just do not allow applications to have any control on window borders.

Thankyou Zoran & Thaddy!

I forgot to mention that I use Mageia 5 as my favourite linux OS.

Re Thaddy's 5 points >>>
1st and 2nd : I posted posts round about 2009-2012 if you wish to inspect the combobox saga of the time. That's where I have (mainly) substituted ListBoxes. Yes, I know ListView is a different matter (columns).
3rd : I'm not sure what Mageia supports : I'm not knowledgeable on this topic..
4th : I will try changing the form type to Dialog. Does this mean no header and why am I currently getting '<2>' after the caption?
5th : I am using the latest Lazarus (FPC 3.0.0 & L 1.6.0).

Would Zoran have specific info on Mageia's window manager(s) and how I could possibly use one to advantage?
His overview doesn't seem promising.

Ta! Mike Finch  :-\


--- Quote from: MikeFinch on September 03, 2016, 03:07:31 pm ---Would Zoran have specific info on Mageia's window manager(s) and how I could possibly use one to advantage?
His overview doesn't seem promising.

--- End quote ---

I don't know much about these things.

I just encountered the same problem some time in the past. Then I learned that, unlike Windows, Linux has separate layers which manage these things. You have windowing system (which is probably X Window System), then desktop environment (gnome, kde, xfce, ...), then there is window manager.

Another problem I encountered is that setting ShowInTaskbar property of the form to stNever can be ignored by desktop manager (so every form gets its own taskbar button, which I find annoying).

I have no idea about Mageia - first find out which is your desktop environment (gnome, kde, ...). Then try to find out how to manage window manager (search Mageia forum or ask there).
You will probably solve this quickly for you by changing window manager or just by changing your window manager's options. However, you still cannot be sure that the application will behave same for your users - if they have other window manager, they will have window icons.

Some Linux people will just say that it is what the user chose, so that is what he should get... But, come on, should all Linux users really be expected to know how to control this?


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