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Version control integration in Lazarus IDE anyone?

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Looking for version control integration. Would like to check-in, check-out, label a specific version etc. Nothing super-fancy. I know I could use Tortoise-SVN as an add-on to the windows menu (running on Win 10) but would love to have something integrated with the IDE.

Search turned-up older thread and nothing new.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

There is no version control integrated in the IDE, however you can invoke an external application(Tortois SVN in this case) with just one key combination. For this you need to configure external tools.


Thanks @avra! I didn't now about LazSVNPkg. Did you try it?


--- Quote from: GetMem on August 25, 2016, 08:24:10 am ---Thanks @avra! I didn't now about LazSVNPkg. Did you try it?

--- End quote ---
It's still an incomplete implementation, I'd rather use the command line directly. If you want to implement one (for SVN, Git and Mercurial), however, don't start from scratch. Grab the xxxclient.pas units from here and turn them into Lazarus integrated packages.


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