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worth learning ADA ?

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Any ADA speakers here ? Is it worth ? After a quick tour this morning It seems that the only thing it has in more of Object Pascal mode FPC is the contracts (apparently inspired from a fork of the language called SPARK and integrated in the 2012 version), but I already know contract based programming a bit from IDK tell me

If you are looking for properly payed jobs all over the world in the software engineering of defence and/or aircraft industries, just to name a few, YES.
Although most newer projects seem to use modern versions of C++.
It is a bit like with COBOL, market rules indicate you will likely get overpaid *if you are good!*

If you lack a first class university degree in engineering or mathematics or a first class that comes very close to that it is an absolute waste of time.
You won't get a job.

I don't think it is worth it learning it before you have to, except in special cases (like being employed by a major ADA user, like the US arms industry).

It is definitively worth to learn it, so you understand why it is ridiculous to  declare for-loop variables at function-level rather than at the loop itself

Learning any language is always worth it, so you can get a different POV why one language implement things like this and why others like that. Being knowledgeable or even skillful in several different languages, even better, paradigms, also open bigger chance for you to have whatever programming job you want. Design by contracts is actually not Ada original power, as the feature has only recently (2012) been added to the language. It was strong compile time checks (with runtime checks if compile time safety cannot be proven), just like its father and our language, Pascal. Recent standard is more or less comparable to Free Pascal implementation in terms of language features and libraries.


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