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gdbint in Windows


Any one have tried and succeed to compile testgdb.pp in windows?, i want to use gdbint, gdbcon in windows (also linux)
But i can find libgdb in my system (mingw).


I feel it belong to cygwin?

You need to build gdb from source to get libgdb.a.

Yup, I am afraid that is the only option. Furthermore, building GDB from source for windows is rather cumbersome to me and requires a pretty exactly versioned toolchain.

What I would do is change over to GDBMI with which you can do similar things. And doesn't require you to build.

Precompiled libgdb's for windows are available from FTP in the contrib/libgdb directory IIRC.

yes there is
thank you @marcov

But i will give a try with gdb.exe with mi too as @thaddy said


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