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Where can I get a PalmPC or PocketPC emulator


The topic is a bit oftopic :) However some one somewhere in the forum was talking abot an emulator used for programming for PalmPC or PocketPC. For now I don't have such, so I will not program there, but I need an emulator :) :) :) :) Where I can get such?

Most of the information available here is about PocketPC, because that runs Windows CE, and Free Pascal and Lazarus are quite good at producing software for Windows CE.

There is a Palm OS port for Free Pascal being worked on, but isnĀ“t ready yet. So I will pass the link to the Pocket PC emulator from Microsoft:

I also recomend reading our Windows CE related Wiki pages:

Thanks sekel :) It seem that you are very further with the Lazarus pascal.

I am porting Free Pascal to Symbian OS (that used on many mobiles) =)

You can also came in the IRC channel and ask anything to me about wince crosscompilation and possibilities.


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