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[SOLVED] OpenFileDialog in a secondary modal form



With Lazarus 1.6.0, in the attached example, there is a Button on the main form (Form1)  to open a file dialog. Works fine everywhere.

There is another button to open a second modal form. This form has another button to open another file dialog.

On Windows and Linux this second button works fine.

On Mac OS/X - Carbon, the file dialog is shown under Form2, and it is not possible to get focus to put it. The program is stuck and the process must be killed !

Has anyone noticed this problem, or found a workaround ?

I will file a bug if it is confirmed.


Well-known bug that certainly mars the perception of 1.6 on Mac!

Comment out the indicated 5 lines in the patch and rebuild Lazarus will fix it.

Thanks for the information.

I suppose we have to remove 8 lines starting with "-" in the patch, not 5.

Best regards

The variable declarations can be removed, but don't matter.


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