Author Topic: Is it possible to use FP to produce SW documentation from Delphi 7 source code?  (Read 1787 times)


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I need to produce technical documentation for a huge Deplhi 7 source code and I'm looking for a way to help me to accomplish that goal. Anybody can help?


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Depends on what you exactly want as "Technical documentation".

Btw: it does note bode well if there is no existing documentation for large projects or products...

There are many tools for many different technical documentation tasks.
Simply documenting  units can be done with the standard supplied fpdoc.
But there are - often commercial - tools that also can generate class diagrams or even re-construct somewhat UML documentation for some of its different levels.
My favorite is Enterprise Architect, but e.g. Modelmaker is almost equally good. I know of some free and open source solutions as well.
Both of these can give insight on the structure of the codebase in more depth than just fpdoc can.

Note that on such re-engineering tasks you still have to do a lot by hand for such documentation to be of any value.
When you ask a question that is actually answered in the documentation, you are either lazy or a moron.


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