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Re: 32x32 bit Icons for Toolbar
« Reply #15 on: July 10, 2016, 06:19:01 pm »
A good collection (but may look old for today's style) with generous license (CCA 3.0) :

Must include a Link to website in your program.
As the above post,, this is what Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License is.

you asked for free icons those are free icons literally... and I don't see any problem (in fact I like it) for mentioning those sites inside the about dialog or the readme file (and I may even add lazarus and fpc sites).

I tried creating some stylish icons in the past and it is hard (when you are no artist  :-[) so the least thing I can do is  providing a link to creator site,,,,  if you want owning the icons then I don't see any other choice but paying for them.

Yes I agree, on Giving Credit.  :D

That Is why I ask if there is a Set that is included in Lazarus, No Money or requirements outside of Lazarus.   

Collected some  from the examples and Enlarged them to 32x32, and cleaned them up, and made my own for the rest.  8-)  Thanks for help 

No money is required .. IT IS FREE.

using icons from lazarus examples is not the best thing you can do,, they may fall under an other license (Like CCA, GPL....),,, you need to check carefully ... or maybe someone knowledgeable will shed light here.


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