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Hi, Can anyone help?
I have come to lazarus from CBuilder. One of the debugging options I find very useful is the run to cursor, but it is always greyed out and therefore not available.
Why please?

Yeah, that's also something I needed to get used to.
F4 only works within the procedure you are at that moment.
It doesn't work like in Delphi.

The workaround is... you go to the place where you want to go.
But you don't press F4 but F5 and press F9 (run).
F5 sets a breakpoint.
When the program breaks you directly press F5 again and the breakpoint is released.

It would be neat if Lazarus could implement that F5, F9 & F5 under the F4 button :)
(But for now you can do it that way)

Hi, Thanks for the info. If it's that badly implemented, F4 shouldn't be there!

I also don't understand why compile, make and build are on the Run menu!

If you are going to run a programme, it must be built first! In CBuilder, these items were on the Project menu, which, I think, makes much more sense. You build a project and then you run it!


It is not badly implemented, it implements a different function. It is "step to cursor"


--- Quote from: Martin_fr on June 25, 2016, 08:42:13 pm ---It is not badly implemented, it implements a different function. It is "step to cursor"

--- End quote ---
Well, it doesn't say "Step to Cursor (F4)" but it says "Run to Cursor (F4)". And because the naming in Delphi is exactly the same it confuses the hell out of people just beginning with Lazarus :)

Luckily I learned quit quickly to use the F5 for breakpoint but seeing that different function uses the same name and even the same function key as Delphi, I can understand the confusion.


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