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Parallel Port Access - IOPerm error



I've just downloaded and installed the latest version of Lazarus and FreePascal available on the site. I'm using Slacware 9.1 and I'm trying to build a project where I need to access a external custom hardware through the parallel port.

In older versions, I used the IOPerm instruction to get access to the range of addresses that I need, but in this latest version the same code returns me the error: Identifier not Found: IOPerm.

I really don't know any other way of reading and writing data to the parallel port and I don't know how to solve this problem.

Thank you in advance.

Vincent Snijders:
One of the major changes betweem fpc 1.0.x and fpc 1.9.x is the replacement of the linux unit by the unix and baseunix units.
Try using the fpIOPerm function in of those units instead.


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