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New version of VirtualU
« on: June 08, 2017, 09:39:54 pm »

Substantial changes have recently been made to the Lazarus movie-making program VirtualU and the current download version is better than ever as the following list shows.
    1. All processes which previously had no progress bars now display command prompt windows which show the progress of each operation as well as providing the user with an opportunity to halt each operation.
    2. New feature: The program can now remove an audio track from a video.
    3. Most audio operations have been put into their own section in the menu item "Audio" on the Custom page.
    4. Problems with the Change Processing Speed page have been fixed.
    5. New feature: VirtualU can now extract all or some of the frames from a video.
    6. New feature: The program can now build a movie from PNG, BMP and JPB frames.
    7. The process that converts a video to another one with a different format has been overhauled and corrected. This feature now shows with charts, windows and other information exactly what the conversion choices and limitations are.
    8. Some problems with the Film Options page were fixed in regard to converting imports.
    9. You can now load your own background picture on the Playback/Recording screen (form126).
VirtualU is constantly being updated and improved and that will continue. Very little feedback has been received about VirtualU so all corrections and removal of bugs must be done without it but progress is nontheless being made and this program is becoming better and better as time goes by.
   download link:
    download link:
             readme.rtf download link:
    TV shows that feature VirtualU capabilities: Search Youtube for Fingal McGinnis.


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