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how to create a Daemon, is there a sample?

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I have a code written on delphi which creates an NT service.

I'm very much interested in porting into Lazarus,  but need to create a Daemon instead of a service.

Does any one has an sample of a daemon created with Lazarus,  or at least point in a direction to follow in order to learn.



As far as I can remember, FreePascal has a example or it's in the Freepascal Contributed section.

thanks for your help Theo,

I'm now trying to set it up,

jus one question,  probably due to extreme ignorance on fpc,

I am compiling  fpc mydaemon  (without parameters)

then chmod 777 mydaemon

then ./mydaemon

but keep getting a permission denied  message  

(I'm acting as root and using Debian Sarge)

I appreciate it.

Don't know. I've just compiled it in Lazarus as user, didn't change any permissions and started it as user and it worked.


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