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Quick Instalation on Red Hat 9


Please tell me exactly what Packages/Archives i have to download.
I have FPC rpm and Lazarus rpm and source archive.
I installed FPC, but the Lazarus rpm said something about source so i extracted it and typed "make clean all" after compilation my harddrive got mad and for some time i thought it will crack, i forced a restart and typed only "make" it compiled nice but when i run Lazarus it says something about FPC source.
Isn't there a simpler way like the windows version with installer or shell script like Kylix, or a complete rpm that will install both maybe even with source included.
I realy like the windows version even with some bugs.
I would probably like the linux version too.
I'm currently using Delphi7 and Kylix3, i would like to make my Delphi components available in Lazarus and see them work crossplatform.
Thank you in advance.

Vincent Snijders:
you have to install 3 rpms: fpc, fpcsrc and lazarus.

If it says something about source, note it and try to understand it. If you don't understand it, post a message on the forum, quoting what it says about source.

I had some BAD space on my drive :twisted: so i installed linux again, put a BIG cooler in my PC.
Installed in this order:
FreePascal binary RPM
FreePascal source
Lazarus RPM
Lazarus source
Everything works fine 8)
Thank you.


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