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« on: May 16, 2016, 11:40:03 pm »
I'm trying to run fpc on a windows 7 laptop to create a program for a 7" netbook with the following specs:
windows ce 6.0
cpu: wm 8505 300mhz
memory: dddr II 128mb

I downloaded/installed both of the following files:

Supposedly, this is all I have to do (depending on what website, instructions you look at). When I open FPC after installing the above, however, I go to 'Compile\Target'. Win32 for i386 is checked. There is no option for arm-wince that shows up on the list. If I compile something using the 'win32 for i386' option that's checked, it won't run on the netbook - 'not a valid wince application'. How do I get arm-wince to be added to the list for selection and is that all I have to do?

Any help to get this thing to work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Am going to close this out - the above files only install fpc with no option to run on wince. Instead, I found the following files:
then installed:

This installed lazarus and was then able to select wince for the target with the appropriate cpu. Got a program to compile on win7 and run successfully on wince.
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