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Re: Allegro.pas
« Reply #30 on: May 13, 2019, 11:21:40 am »
I just like to thank you for your work with allegro5. I works very well.  8)
Thank you for using it. ;)

Curiously, I came to write something.

Few days ago I finished to revise the allegro5.pas unit.  It was a loooooong work, checking everything and updating the documentation.  As a result, documentation is complete for that unit, and I've fixed some mistakes, changed a few stuff (data types, parameters...) and added a few new procedures and functions.

I've also spend some time trying to update the website, but was not able to change the background color (sigh!).  I think I'll create a new one, but not yet.  A month ago I created a new project to help build websites for SourceForge projects called sfwebsite.  It's still in a very early stage but once finished it will help a lot.

So, I'll not upload a new version soon, as there's work to do:
  • Finish to port JAVAroids as new demonstration game, and also make some more changes to Furious Paladin.
  • Revise all add-ons, documentation and updates, and add the new al5video unit.
  • Revise all examples, adding some new ones. (I'm also planning to write a GUI to replace nihgui).
  • Test everithing with Delphi (not sure, but I think I should install the latest Community Edition one, shouldn't I?).

But I'm in the way...
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