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Allegro.pas is a wrapper that allows to use the Allegro Game Library with Pascal.

Allegro.pas 5.2.alpha released!  8)

Yep, about 3 years after 5.0.alpha, a new release of branch 5 (now TRUNK) was released today.  It has a lot of improvements, and should be slightly more stable than previous alpha.  But it is still an alpha.  :-[ Anyway, if you want to test it, download from here.

I'll use it in the comming TINS 2016, and I plan to use my entry as demonstration game for the library.

Note:  I'll do release announcementes in this thread from now, instead of create a new thread every version.

There are a lot of work to be done yet, but I did several big improvements so I've just uploaded a new release.

In short:  There are several bugfixing, including (but not limited to) the primitives add-on that didn't work in previous versions.  There are new functionality too, as 3D transformations and custom memory management.  Also I added new examples and updated some other that shows how to use basic and advanced stuff to supply the lack of documentation.

You can download it from here.

Any comment and suggestion will be welcome.

Excellent work.

Thanks. :)

Now I'm wondering what would be a good demonstration game to be added.  :-\


--- Quote from: Ñuño_Martínez on June 27, 2016, 01:41:49 pm ---Thanks. :)

Now I'm wondering what would be a good demonstration game to be added.  :-\

--- End quote ---
Something achievable in a relatively short code. People tend to learn from examples these days, and I think providing a tutorial is also much harder than providing ready to run examples. The first 3 starter examples could be:

* tic-tac-toe or 15 puzzle (2d, no animation, no collision detection)
* arkanoid (2d, simple linear animation, simple collision detection by position checking)
* simplified 1945 / raiden (2d, a bit complex animation, bounding square/circle/triangle collision detection)


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