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Buzzer to raspberry pi 2

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--- Quote from: SymbolicFrank on May 02, 2016, 03:50:41 pm ---Do you have a multimeter? First, find two pins with 3.3V and one with 0V. Connect the black cable to 0V and the red to 3.3V. You should hear silence. Now connect the yellow to 3.3 as well, and you should hear a buzz.

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Correct for test... But not correct for programming... Don't, plz, don't (if by chance they are parallel you have a lot more than you want) connect two hot lines, Use a switch line. There are plenty.
The correct way to test is connect the yellow wire to the red wire, connect to hot and black to earth. If you're not deaf, disconnect immediately. It is not easy to blow up a buzzer, but you can.... :) <i did that, many moons ago>


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