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I'm rewriting a datamodule from SQLDB to ZEOSDB. I've got a problem into my form because all TDBEdit controls of a detail recordset (uniq table) are ReadOnly without to be activated as it ! And all my datasets looks connected and activated... It's not a multitable recordset, so it doesn't need to be ReadOnly...

I was looking for a readonly flags into all components but I can't find... The master recordset is a TZReadOnlyQuery but the detail reordset is Editable query. I tested also with a TZTable (editable) but nothing changed.  I tested to program Master / Detail by hand, with a code synchronization in order to decoupled the detail dataset from the master Readonly but nothing changed...

All TDBEdit of the detail recordset are into a TPageControl component but it is not readonly... I tested to copy some TDBEdit controls out of the TPageControl component but nothing changed. I tested a simple TLabelEdit into PageControl it is not Readonly, so it doesn't look to be hinerited Readonly from the container...

Connection parameters :
Connection with DesignConnection flag active or not doesn't change anything...

Dataset parameter :
FetchRow () is 0 by default. I tested with 10 but nothing changed...
CachedUpdates flag true or not doesn't change anything

TDBNavigation test :
I added a TDBNavigation and activate edit mode (my datasource autoedit flag is true), but I can't write anything into TDBLabelEditcontrols again...

I Worked this morning 3 hours long and I can't find any other things to do ....
The only documentation I've got is ZEOSDBO from, dated from november 2014... I failed to build doxygen documentation.

Could anyone send me a complet documentation in english (or french) ?
Could anybody tell me others things to try ?

Thank you for your help !
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My configuration is : Lazarus 1.6+dfsg-1 / FPC 3.0.0 / Debian Mint / x86_64-linux-gtk2


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