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FireMadness game: top-down shooter, bullet hell in Castle Game Engine / Lazarus

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Try GetTickCount64() instead of Now()

Eugene Loza:

--- Quote from: serbod on April 15, 2016, 01:17:02 pm ---Try GetTickCount64() instead of Now()
--- End quote ---
I don't think it's problem of 'now' function. I've never ever had any problems with it before. There was something buggy in my code at frameskips (but what??? It was as simple as it could ever be). It seems that I've fixed that a few hours ago, but that required... to add personal time to each actor and brought some problems with implementing pause mode. But now most bugs relative to frameskips seem to have been fixed.

Eugene Loza:
Name changed to FireMadness (It awesomly fits the story as the main antagonist is SoftMadness Doors OS :))

Huge overhaul. Almost release :)
Many new bot types + 3 more bosses.
Map manager + unfinished story mode :)
Hot-seat player co-op mode
Difficulty level
And many much much more

Updated video and screenshots.

Eugene Loza:
I've made a full game walk-through - video is in the first post.

P.S. Still struggling with Android cross-compillation.

Eugene Loza:
Today Android - tomorrow the World!

Finally I've made an Android release. Still very buggy and huge in size (some problems with audiolibrary require uncompressed music storage... I hope it'll be fixed soon :))

Practically after successfully setting up FPC cross-compillation to Android (that was the hardest part), Castle Game Engine compiles Android apps like a charm without any need to make some platform-specific code!

Android overhaul.
Joystick / gamepad support thanks to Tomasz WojtyÅ›
Interface improvements
Speed improvements
And more!


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