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FireMadness game: top-down shooter, bullet hell in Castle Game Engine / Lazarus

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Eugene Loza:
Sometimes it's so hard to find motivation... OpenFire is a simple game I've written in 5 hours (one night) in Castle Game Engine (Lazarus/Free Pascal) + 1 hour for graphics and 3 more hours of testing, playing and having fun :) Still no sound&music, no menu (as usually :)) It's a game inspired by an ancient CrossFire (1981 by Jay Sullivan) game.

The goal of the game is to eliminate all enemy bots. Use arrow keys to move and WASD to fire at 4 directions (hold down the button for rapid fire). Player has 200 HP until death... and that's not much...
You can move only vertical or horizontal direction at the same time, and movement automatically stops at crossroads (you can invert the movement direction).
Enemies come in groups of 3+ starting from lazy easy form, after destroyed they transform in more healthy and powerful medium form and finally into tough, quick and rapid-firing hard form.  Occasionaly hard form after being destroyed transforms into boss form (the name says it all).


FireMadness walkthrough: Part 1 - Bedroom (hard)

FireMadness walkthrough: Part 2 - Living room (hard)

FireMadness walkthrough: Part 3 - Cellar (hard)

FireMadness walkthrough: Part 4 - Kitchen (hard)

FireMadness walkthrough: Part 5 - Attic (hard)

Release: (Windows, Linux)

nice one!

Good game-play and nice example of the Castle engine!
Thanks for sharing.

Eugene Loza:
New betta release: Music, sound and explosions!
Updated video.

Eugene Loza:
Lot's of improvements in new release :) Code and release links in the first post. Video updated.

P.S. There is a small problem with the game name, as OpenFire already exists as a jabber client. I've been advised GridFire, but it's also exists as Crossfire-clone WildFire? FireMania? Any other ideas?

P.P.S. I've found a very strange bug. The game runs slower on Linux and slows down on frameskip. Why %) I sync all actions to timer... it should work as expected dependlessly FPS and OS...


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