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Error External: exc_bad_Access
« on: April 04, 2016, 06:43:11 pm »
Hi there! I'm new using Lazarus so I hope you guys can help me with this:
Whenever I run the program I'm working at, I get this error message:
It doesn't show up immediately, but when I try to load a file (.PDB file, as I'm working with proteins).
When I click ok button, I get a message ('emsamblador' in spanish, I suppose it's assembling, you can see it in the imagen attached).

So I'm not sure but could it be something about the debugger?
I have a MacBook Air with OSX Captain version 10.11.4
I had problems with the debugger when installing Lazarus, I had to manually download and install Xcode and I still get a message when compiling, but it has always worked, until now.

Any ideas?

Thank you


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