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Hi, i came here cause Jeremy North of told me that with Lazarus i can compile delphi (pascal like) software using FreePascal WinCE compiler.

Now i installed lazarus and FreePascal for windows and i'm building some basis appliances with forms and labels-buttons.

Now I just want to know how to compile executables for Windows Mobile 2003, if i need some other libraries and wich will be the compatibility with the 123908129038 versions of M$ pocket pc operative systems.

Thank you for any answer...

p.s. I saw the "project - compiler options" windows but i need some help, i though i have to append some commands in the compiler lines but i'm new to Lazarus and "cross compiling" (if that's the case).

If i try to change widget into "wince" i get this error compiling:

--- Code: ---project1.lpr(6,28) Fatal: Can't find unit Interfaces
--- End code ---

The source code is just a form with a close button inside it.

Vincent Snijders:
For more information see wiki:

I got a problem...

On the pocket PC I have this CPU:

Intel PXA272, i'm not an expert but it shouldn't be one of the "ARM" family.

The guide you gived me it says a lot of things, one is that:
"ARM CPU is supported."

The following platforms are supported:
    * Pocket PC 2002 – WinCE version: 3.0
    * Pocket PC 2003 – WinCE version: 4.20
    * Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition – WinCE version: 4.21
    * Windows Mobile 5.0 – WinCE version: 5.0

But i have windows mobile 2003...

Errr .... those enterprises always trying to confuse us.

On the intel website you mentioned there is no direct mention to architecture or ARM at all, but there is a link: Download Product Brief

And there it says it´s compatible with all XScale ARMs. So it must be a ARM. What matters is the processor architecture, not the brand name.

About Windows version, Microsoft made a horrible mess out of it. The thing is we support Windows CE, the operating system.

Windows Mobile is just a subdivision of Windows CE, so it´s supported too. Here is a link where you can see this better:

On recent Lazarus subversion we added a new property. Application.ApplicationType where you can specify if your app is for desktops, PDAs, mobiles, etc, so lazarus will make some adjusts on the GUI.


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