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[SOLVED] Scroll to position/caret in RichMemo?

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I'm beating my head over this one.

I've implemented a search, and need to scroll the richmemo to the selection, I've tried everything I can think of and then some, but can't get it working.

I'm on OSX, Lazarus 1.6

I've tried just setting the selection, selstart/sellength, vertscrollbar, etc. and no go.

I'm getting the position with PosEx(), but I've also tried Search() with which I get no hits at all.

Any ideas?

I've tested on a windows machine, where using .Search and setting the SelStart seems to do what I need, but no such luck on Mac, where the .Search always keeps returning -1, and SelStart doesn't seem to scroll.

Carbon or Cocoa?


If you've an opportunity could please test if TMemo behaves in the similar (inconsistent) way?

Where setting SelStart in Windows would scroll to selection, while it should not scroll in Carbon?


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