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USB or HID USB Sample Code or UNIT for WINCE 5.0


Dear All

I want to connect and exchange Data with a USB Device Attached to my Wince Device.

I want to know if there is a PAS Unit that handles USB communication with USB Devices.

I am new at this

I have a USB Device that I know the VID and PID . I wish to connect it to a WINCE Device and exchange DATA with it.

I have heard of libusb but I need a sample Implementation that works on WINCE 5.0

I need Sample code and Demo exe that I can run

I have spent 7 days on the Web (Googled, Binged and Baidued)....No Solution that I can test

Help ..... I need to solve this issue Urgently.

Thank you

Thank you


look to pas-libusb bindings to poen source libusb library

Looked at it all day.

what I really need a Sample and demo exe that I can run on my WINCE 5.0


Look here

There is an example in /src/example.

Additionally your can find example for C/C++ on libusb official site.  You can simply modify it to Pascal.



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