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TPanel or me ?


I am doing a little project.
I put a TPanel on a form, properties.enabled = false, in the object inspector.
I put a TCombobox component on the same form.
events.onchange : if TPanel.enabled = false then TPanel.enabled = true, but it doesn't work
Can somebody tell me why ?
Thank you
Jean Christophe

I don't know if enabling/disabling of controls is implemented for all controls

Vincent Snijders:
What do expect of enabling and disabling a panel? If I put a button in the Panel, there is no click event if I click on it while the panel is disabled (IMHO expected behaviour). Unfortunately the button doesn't show its disabled state.

the button is outside the panel.
It is because I have 2 panels but just one of them have to be enabled.
The button is just a test.
Thank you
Jean Christophe


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