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One question.


I have a little question.

probably it mounts my company soon, and I would like to offer the possibility of use win or linux to my clients. Of course, the applications I must be able to compile them or in win or linux with the smaller possible work

I know Delphi, is Lazarus/fpc for me?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

P.D.2: The normal thing is that the applications are than managements acceding to data bases. For examples Points of sale software, accounting etc.

In such situation Lasarus is a perfect way to solve your problem. You use nearly identical language as in Delphi, you can use nearly identical features and you can compile your programs under both Win 32 and Linux platforms.
P.S. If I have written anything bad, please correct me, as I'm not such good in english.

Giuseppe RidinĂ²:
I will add only one thing:
actually Lazarus works much better in Linux than in Windows. But this difference is reducing day after day and Lazarus is becoming more reliable in win32 too.


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