Author Topic: Ultibo core a full featured embedded (no OS) environment for Raspberry Pi  (Read 39244 times)

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This is an amazing list of new features. Very nice!  :D

Yes, and I hope to try it out soon on a RPi Zero Wireless!  I just updated this morning after quickly getting a console Debian installed.
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Re: Ultibo core a full featured embedded (no OS) environment for Raspberry Pi
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Ultibo has now a support for VC4 - OpenGL, etc stuff.

This thing is an alpha stage of window system I wrote before VC4 availability and it will be now rewritten using new possibilities as soon as I can learn how to use them.

Although this is alpha stage project, it contains working audio player with Winamp Classic skins, which plays some audio formats - mp2, mp3, wav, C64 SID ans Amiga MOD files. Having full control over the hardware I managed to output high quality audio through RPi's jack using 20x oversampling and noise shaping. No compilation required, the repository contains the binary file.
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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know that along with detection of the new Raspberry Pi 3B+ we have now added a USB driver to support the LAN7515 (LAN78XX) chip as well.

That means that all Ultibo core features now work with the latest Raspberry Pi 3B+ as well.

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