Author Topic: Getting ZeosLib and/or lazReport to work: Path settings?  (Read 6670 times)


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Getting ZeosLib and/or lazReport to work: Path settings?
« on: November 21, 2006, 02:10:54 am »

I installed (from source) fpc-2.0.4 and Lazarus v0.9.20 beta without problems. All the extra lazarus packages (in ~/lazarus/lazarus/components) also installed without problems and I can use the SQLdb components without problems. (On Debian Sarge)

I installed ZeosLib and lazReport and both packages appear in the IDE. However, as soon as I place any of the components on a form in my project, I get a compile error: "Fatal: Can't find unit ZConnection" ("Fatal: Can't find unit LR_DBSet" for lazReport). I added "~/src/lazreport/source/" and "~/src/ZEOSDBO-6.6.0-beta/src/component/" to Project->Compiler Options->Other Unit Files (-Fu). Still the same error! (The paths are correct, because if I just copy all the files in these directories to the source directory of the project, it compiles! Obviously I don't want to do *that* for each new project! :( )

The relevant part of /etc/fpc.cfg:
Code: [Select]

# searchpath for includefiles

# searchpath for units and other system dependent things

# searchpath for libraries

(Oh, and ~/lazarus is just a link to /usr/share/lazarus)
One other setting that (I think) might also have an influence, is that I set the unit output directory (-FU) to /usr/share/lazarus/lazarus/units (~/lazarus/lazarus/units).

So what am I missing/doing wrong?



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